Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jack and Meg White Surprise Me for Halloween 2011 :)

I have recently started a friendship with a wonderful girl named Jessie and I actually finally got to meet her a couple days ago even though we would talk occasionally over Facebook.  We hung out for a short while but in that short time I found her to be an incredible person and woman.  Never once in the time that we met and spent together did I feel her staring at my scars or looking at me differently.  I didn't feel different around her at all.  I was nervous to finally meet her because I had heard nothing but wonderful things about her from our mutual friends and then just nervous with my burn scars and whatnot.  But when she came over I suddenly felt a great calm wash over me.  She just had that kind of calming aura about her.

We spent some time together talking, going over her Arbonne products as she is an Arbonne representative and then we talked about her Halloween costume.  Her and her fiance, Mike, whom I had yet to meet but also had Facebook contact with, were dressing up as Jack and Meg White for Halloween this year!!  I was so excited about it but yet depressed because I am not going to be around for Halloween this year because I'm having my 32nd surgery on Halloween so I'm not going to get to see them all dressed up as my favorite band.  Bummer.

Well, tonight I got a surprise visit from Jessie and Mike....or should I say, Jack and Meg White!!  They knew how much I wanted to be around on Halloween to see them in their costumes so they surprised me all dressed up in their costumes and they looked AWESOME!!  It truly made me so happy.  The pictures say it all....

I finally got to meet Mike in this wonderful surprise meeting and he is a WONDERFUL guy.  Thank you guys for doing this for me tonight :)  You are INCREDIBLE friends to me.  I am so blessed to have friends like you, my own Jack and Meg White for a night but pictures and memories to last forever :)

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